Friday, June 13, 2014

Wasting Time (Dave Matthews Band)

Yesterday was my first day in a long time that I didn't have to work or be somewhere. For the past three weeks I have been going like the Energizer Bunny. In between Ranter launching, playing theatres, taping TV shows, filming a music video photo shoot, and starting two classes I have been on a treadmill. Plus the telegrams are mega busy. I am not complaining. Work has been good, and I love what I do. Financially, I paid rent with no problem for last month. This month looks like it is going to be okay, same with July. Also, again when I am doing the work I am having such a good time, and I have been blessed lately to work with good people.

However, when I stop for just a second I realize I am tired. At first I don't feel it. It's more or less I know I should be tired but I can't stop. Instead I keep going. Then I wonder why I feel so freaking drained. Or I am having such a good time working that I forget to eat and wonder why I am turning into Norma Desmond snapping at everyone and their mother. Yes, hangry. It's a mix between hungry and angry.

Yesterday was especially tough. I woke up hurting all over. The day before I had a photo shoot where a photographer who works for Hearst followed me around documenting my life. It was a fun day, and it was pretty cool. The night before was spent at class, I am doing a Continuing Ed seminar at NYU, and then running to the store to mail my dad's father's day card. As I am trying to do this, my mom is on the phone screaming about how this photographer is going to kill me and abduct me. Meanwhile I am in Duane Reade already coming down from a long week. I had just gotten news I had a Marilyn Monroe in Smithtown, LI to deliver. Smithtown is a sweet little town, just an hour and a half to and from the city. Oh and I had to clean my house. I thought about skipping class but it was my first day. That would have been bad. I ended up liking the class though.

Obviously I didn't end up getting abducted. I changed in the bushes which was pretty funny. The photographer fellow got me delivering, and the dude I delivered to at first thought me and photo dude were going to abduct him. I am like, "No, he is here so you don't abduct me. Oh, and for the record, he was supposed to use the duct tape on my mouth earlier." He ended up liking the telegram.

Anyway, as I said I was hurting all over yesterday. It was to the point where I was crying as I walked down the sidewalk. I was in just that much physical pain. During this point I ended up talking to my mom, and my mom pointed out that it was good that I was busy, because when I am not working I am grumpy. Still, I was just tired. I hate being over tired because I cease to have gratitude for the opportunities I am given. Actually, I turn into a bitch.

So afterwards I decided fuck everything, I wasn't doing shit for the rest of the day. I decided I was going home and watching a documentary on The Korean War on my computer. A history freak, I don't know much about the Forgotten War because they don't teach it in school. I learned that it was the first war where black troops and white troops fought alongside each other. Additionally, it was the birth of MASH units. Also, Truman became a Civil Rights supporter especially because of that war, and he wanted to protect black GIs.

After that, I decided I was going on a leisure walk. I listened to both Sublime's first album and then Nirvana's Nevermind. Both continue to be good. They don't make music like they used to. After that I went to the gym to have a swim. There was a water aerobics class. The woman on the pool deck was high energy and jumping. She seemed cool but my mother could still kick her ass. The swim felt good, calmed me down and made my limbs hurt less. The only downside was I got into the slow lane. And then this woman got in there that moved at a speed that would make a snail seem Kenyan. I mean, she was SLOW. Instead of giving the faster people the right away she kept going. Part of me didn't know whether or not she was just stupid or being an ass weed intentionally. On top of that, she was super, duper fat. I wanted to scream, "Move it you fucking porpoise!"

Then I realized I had to chill out and had no where to go. After which she departed. The rest of us in the lane breathe a sigh of relief. I spoke to her once before she left. She actually seemed nice and not to know any better. It made me feel bad about wanting to train her to jump through a ring.

When my swim was finished, I went to the steam room. I cannot get into steaming naked. Some women do it shamelessly. One woman had the biggest labia I had ever seen. I tried not to stare but couldn't help myself. I felt so creepy afterwards. Then another lady had a bush, so much so I just wanted to get my hedge clippers out. Of course there was the Asian lady doing exercises in the sauna, a heart attack waiting to happen. Still, it felt good.

I got some dinner and debated what to do next. So I decided to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I took a bath first, and then realized I forgot what day it was. I had a thing to do that night. I moved it. I said I had food poisoning which was kinda true cause I ate bad cheese that week that made me ill. And then I went to bed.

I woke up around 4 am feeling the munchies and got some chips from my corner store. I removed a splinter from my foot I somehow obtained. I got a safety pin and other tools that made a MASH unit seem sanitary. I might get gangrene and need my foot removed, but eh, not likely. Still, I am starting to get my energy back, my second wind.

I wasted a whole day yesterday. It felt good not to be up and about. I feel like getting back to the grind today, maybe doing an open mic. But wasting time is fun. It's like candy though, if you do it all constantly it starts to set you back. But a little bit is good every once in a while. So yeah, I fucked around a little bit.

Big deal. I have been working since I was a child. I will work again. I just needed a day to fart lick......and boy is fart licking fun.

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