Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cleaning House

Things have been busy lately, good busy. I am working which I can't complain about. Not to mention I am more financially sound than I have been in sometime. Rent was paid without a hitch. Can't say that has always been the case. I also have been getting work, but also work that is furthering my goals and also that I enjoy.

I am also taking classes again. One is an acting business class with an East Coast Equity Rep. We meet every other week. So far, the energy has been good and the work has been coming in. Tonight, I start a graduate level writing class, which is taught by two literary agents. It's different than high school where people hated being there. It's different than college where the enthusiasm, too hard to please, and confusion could obscure. This is adult post grad learning. It's exciting.

My house has been a mess though. Last weekend I headlined two nights at a theatre. The first night the turn out wasn't so good. The second night the turn out was packed. Did two great shows. Then the surprise audition that I booked. Again, I can't complain. Then I did a private gig for the party of my friend's girlfriend's best friend. He threw me a few bucks which was nice. Tomorrow I have a photo shoot.

Sunday I was so tired I almost passed out on the street. Plus there was work to be done for my class Monday. Homework....ARRGH, never liked that shit. Plus organizing things and the whole shabing shbang. And that's when I decided to take care of what was in front of me. So I looked at my messy house and cleaned it. Yes, I can walk again. I made my bed, I took out the trash, cleaned out the fridge. This was of course in between covering the Rangers debacle for Ranter. I was cleaning, running down the street to by bud's bar to watch the Rangers get mauled, and cleaning some more. I don't know what was more tragic, my messy house or the Rangers loss.

Wednesday I cover for the Rangers again, and if not will choose to rant about something else. Thursday I interview to be a regular act at a night club. In between there I need to do some laundry and perhaps buy some groceries. I look good and feel good. LEt's not ruin a good thing.

But in between there I made my bed. I felt better knowing my house was clean. I also found five dollars I never knew I had. Maybe I should do this more often.

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