Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dropping the Rock

There is a guy who lives in my neighborhood who I was once friendly with that I will call Bob. We both used to run in the same circles. I was young and crazy, and he kind of had it together. We were more online friends than anything back in the day. Anyway, it looked as if comedy was going to take off for Bob there for a minute. But then he got into a relationship and comedy was on the back burner.

Meanwhile, I cleaned up my crazy mess of a life and started to gain some momentum. Life became about getting spots, performing, and doing all sorts of things. Bob's relationship, meanwhile, ended when he was dumped like a bag of wet laundry. This changed Bob. He went from a nice guy to a jealous, self-centered, bitter harpie of a man. As I began to gain traction, Bob would correct my grammar online. Then he would take other snips at me, along with his little clique. These were online fights, so they were squashed very quickly. After one, Bob wrote me a three page note about how his life sucked after the breakup with his boyfriend. I knew he wasn't in a good place, and it wasn't about the things I was achieving, it was about the fact Bob's life sucked and misery loves company.

Well the peace was short lived. After a string of good things happened for me career wise, Bob proceeded to very publicly bash me online. This was beyond internet fighting, this was slander. Bob was shameless in his barbs, and was even willing to sign his own name. This was brazen and stupid, because Bob and I had many of the same friends. Much of what Bob said wasn't even remotely rooted in truth. More or less it was about that, in his not so humble opinion, I didn't deserve what I was getting. I didn't do things the correct way. I was never supposed to be anything, and now I was becoming something. How could this be? This wasn't a part of the universe according to Bob.

To make matters worse, my former fiance (yes the one I have the different mailing address because of) started a hate group. Bob had once upon a time defended me against this man. A Benedict Arnold move, Bob joined the hate group. For the record, I was not looking, friends told me. Either way, this move was juvenile. This insight into Bob's mind disgusted me though. A few weeks afterwards, I got some letters from some dudes who came across my videos. They told me they loved my videos, and it had been better than the comedy show they had seen with this unfunny comedian named Bob White. I barreled over laughing. God writes better punchlines than anyone.

At first this angered me. I had done nothing to this man to provoke this intense hate. From time to time, I saw him in the neighborhood and just wanted to tell him off. For as fun as it would have been, I stopped myself. That would be stooping to Bob's level, and I do not stoop to conquer. One time, Bob was walking his underfed dog and gave me this angry look. Then again, these days he's pissed off in general cause what is so good about being a self-centered whiner? Oh, and on a hot day last summer I was passing an outdoor eatery and there was Bob with a friend. He proceeded to speak about me as soon as I was out of ear shot. Part of me wanted to say, "Keep talking, Bitch. You have a good subject."

Today I saw Bob walking his dog. I was talking to a hairdresser friend, and Bob walked by. The dog stopped and went for us to pet it. I was not petting Bob's dog. My friend Carlito did, not knowing Bob or his penchant for drama. However, Bob didn't want to stay too long for obvious reasons. So off he went. I thought about telling Carlito what happened between Bob and I, but I stopped myself. It wasn't worth it, because that would mean Bob mattered. Bob wasn't that important. He was just another wannabe in the sea of wannabes who would always be a wannabe.

And why be angry at Bob? He was holding on to a time that was gone. Jealous people are deep down sad, fearful people. They grab without impunity because they are scared they won't get what they want and will lose what they have. Their belief is that they aren't enough, and there won't be enough. There are enough breaks for everyone, and what is meant for one person might not be meant for another.

As Bob walked off, I saw I had no reason to be angry. I had done nothing wrong It was him who should be ashamed, and rightfully so. He had shit where he ate. Bob is an internet cowboy, tough behind a keyboard but lost and confused in the real world. When I see someone like him though, I take it as a lesson on how not to act let alone how not to be. That is why I go out of my way to be happy for others. Because again, there is enough for all of us. Oh, and I am living and doing well which is the rest revenge.

With that, I found myself hoping Bob would find peace, and therefore wouldn't have to act like an arrogant fool much of the time. That he could find happiness, and therefore stop taking the low road, being jealous of others.

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