Friday, February 19, 2016

10 Types of People I Avoid

Yes, I avoid these people and so should you. Actually, I think we all should avoid disconcerting individuals like this. If we did, the world would be a better place.

1. Anyone who has an update on an ex in jail. (It's not going to be good, I don't want to know, and I am stopping this cause I don't care).

2. Anyone who starts a sentence with, "As a Christian....." (Cause you know something bigoted and  obnoxious will follow).

3. Anyone who is a constant gossip. You can't ever tell them anything at any time. (Bitch, mind yo shit).

4. Anyone who brags about being friends with celebrities when they aren't a celebrity themselves. (Just smells like dangerous wannabe).

5. Anyone who has a rational reason for voting for Donald Trump ('Nuff said).

6. Anyone who claims to make "a lot of money." (Usually those people are broke assed broke, or stupid like they wanna go the way of the Lindbergh baby).

7. Anyone who believes Reality TV is real. (Dear God, there are those people. I promise you that).

8. Anyone who reads and comments on Gawker religiously. (The bottom dwellers of the wannabe world).

9. Anyone who constantly corrects your grammar. (McKean's Law, if you are correcting my grammar you probably have a grammatical error yourself, Twat).

10. Anyone who starts a sentence with, "Hitler really was one of the good guys, you see, he just wanted to contain the Jewish problem...." (Yes, I have met people like this. EEEEEEKKKK!!!!)

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