Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Date With Nazi

I remember about three years ago, a friend of mine set me up with a guy. The premise was that we were both crazy about history. Hell, I think a man who likes history and the war channel is as hot as a McSizzle on a New York summer day. I still remember seeing John's picture. He was cute with dark hair and lady killer blue eyes. We spoke on the phone beforehand, and he said he was looking forward to meeting me. I remember he worked in finance, a good job with lots of money.

We ended up at this fancy Italian Place, and immediately, he began to show his stripes as a history buff. He claimed he went to Penn, another good school. Right away, we began talking about World War II. I still remember the words I said that set the course for a set of events I will never forget.

As a kid, my father read us Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire before school. What I said was World War II was more about race and national pride, and these issues went back thousands of years. Additionally, history shows Germany and Austria had been violently Anti-Semitic, and unfortunately Hitler's view point gained popularity because of centuries old sentiment. Also, Germany had only been an independent country since 1863 give or take. These were centuries old issues that blew the powder keg. Thus they simplify something quite complicated in schools, thus making people's understandings of the true facts at hand problematic.

That is when John looked at me, Lady Killer eyes and said, "Yeah, I am with you. Most people don't understand the issues at hand. Most women dont understand let alone like World War 2."

"Love the War Channel." I told him.

John then said, "You know, while we are on the subject, Hitler was misunderstood. You see, he wanted to be a good ruler to the German people. Hitler was one of the good guys."

My jaw nearly dropped. In my explaining that World War II was often oversimplified, I didnt mean to imply the dictator that killed several million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and other undesirables was good in any way. There is no way someone with a rational mind and a decent heart can condone such thought let alone behavior.

"You're kidding?" I asked, hoping he was being sarcastic.

"No, I am not. You see, Hitler wanted to get rid of the Jewish problem. You see, they were like the Hiltons. They just got richer as everyone else got poorer. The Jews controlled the banks, blackballed governments, and were responsible for The Great Depression. They were also illegal immigrants in Europe that chose to stay. You see, they were kind of like the Mexicans and Texas. But the Jews slant history. They always do. They write the history books and make Hitler look like a bad guy, never talking about all the good he did for the German people."

 I was so shocked I couldn't move. He wasn't kidding. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. As if that wasn't enough, John went on to say, "Well the Jews also made up the concentration camps as well. Hitler never planned to kill them-"

At that moment I said I had a stomach ache and had to leave. He offered to walk me home but I said that wasn't necessary and ran out of the place. Breathing fresh air with people of all shapes, sizes, and colors living in some sort of peace was a nice landing back to reality. I don't know what was worse, the hate he was spewing or the fact he believed it? Did he intern for David Duke one summer? Oh and the concentration camps were real, and they did plan on eliminating the undesirables. My great uncles helped liberate the Jews. Yeah, it was worse than the pictures. No, they just didnt sit around making this up to punish the Germans. If they did, they must have had a lot of free time. Oh, and it is so hack and unoriginal to blame the Jews. That is so overdone.

Prince Edward was so handsome and he had such a heart to abdicate the throne to be with his love and we all said how romantic. That is, until it was revealed that he was a Nazi sympathizer. Charles Lindburgh was  a great pilot and a hero. That is, until it was revealed he was a Nazi sympathizer. My date was smart and sexy, until it was revealed he was a Nazi sympathizer. Maybe he found his dream Eva Braun after I left. Either way, the friend that fixed us up became an ex friend.

So beware ladies, if a guy is sexy, get to know him. Make sure he isn't a Nazi. Nothing is as unsexy as a Nazi.


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