Friday, July 18, 2014

Dental Work and Other Adventures

This week has been all about dental work. Yes, drilling and screaming. Later making love to the rich and handsome King Vicodan. When he isn't available, it's Queen Codine who takes his place. It's a weird and toxic love triangle.

Yesterday was interesting. I had my teeth drilled, and the dentist and her assistant were talking about Tim McGraw's tight jeans. The entire time I am thinking, "You just hit a nerve or jaw bone with that needle. Put the drill down."

Afterwards, I went to get ice tea because that was the only thing I could have. I am at the counter, with both eyes black with circles under them. Some of it is from no sleep, and my face is puffed out an saggy from the dental work I just had done. Plus I was trying hard not to drool, and needed something cool to drink.

So this is how the exchange with me and the girl behind the counter went

Girl: Excuse me, are you that Puppet Girl from My Strange Addiction?

Me: Yes

Girl: That is awesome! I am such a fan. Did anyone ever tell you that you are amazing?

(Amazingly, I somehow managed not to drool although this was quite a challenge).

Me: Oh thank you

(Still trying not to drool)

Girl: Do you have one of your puppet children with you?

(I pull Officer E out. We do a small show. Her and some of the others laugh)

Girl: Can I have a photo with you?

Me: Sure.

(We take a picture)

Girl: My manager is here but I don't give a crap.

Me: It's all good.

Girl: Oh, and I will ring your ice tea up.

Me: Thanks, just had some dental work done.

Girl: This is so awesome!

Fan encounter was cool, dental work not so much. Oh, and while I love being recognized by fans because I am an egomanic, why did it have to be after dental work? Why couldn't it have been when I looked divalicious or when my hair was almost combed, and my makeup was almost done? Instead I looked like I had a drill that had been stuck in my mouth. My mom always says be ready. But still, I didn't expect it after the dentist. May Wilson would have rocked it.

Last night was a pain killer induced sleep. It was the only way this puppet mistress was getting through the night. I kept dreaming I was partying with the World Cup German soccer team. Perhaps I have been spending too much time on Ranter. I have the app back on my phone. I am ranting again. I also got a new phone yesterday too. This kid is explaining how it works and there I am nodding off like the junkies I used to date. Good times.

Today I had more work done. This time with the doctor I like. My whole mouth hurt from yesterday's adventure in dentistry. He explained these things happen. Then he said, "April, you are falling apart of me." It made me laugh. I needed to laugh.

Still dental pain sucks. You don't want it. I woke up to the email of a show being cancelled. Oh well, I have another one next week. Need to get back onstage. And I will.

But first this pain killer needs to wear off.

However, I am making use of my semi-altered state. I am going to get my hair done.

Good news, movement on the DVD release front, YAY


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