Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July, Day After...

I had my big event last night. It turned out to be a lot of fun. The week and a half leading up to it had been taxing on my psyche. My work schedule had been like gang busters, pouring down on me. I enjoy all the people I work with and all I do. However, I have been so exhausted lately because I have been going nonstop for the last three months.

On the other hand, rent is basically paid, I just have to give it to my landlord. And all the hard work has been worth it. Finally, after all this time I am getting close to where I need to be.

Last night was amazing. My coworkers are wonderfully talented, but most importantly, giving performers as well as people. They were so gracious to help me with my signing event. My boss was especially wonderful to be a part of things as well. And Don't Tell Mama, each member of the staff was GREAT. My turn out was awesome as well. At the end of the night, I only had two books left.

My coworkers lit up the show. Caroline Durham, are burlesque and cabaret vet, rocked it with her three short numbers. And an extra award for her keeping me sane. Lynn McCune was amazing as she did a routine where she started as a pink gorilla, went to a tux, and ended as Cher. Bernard Davis was a better looking blonde than I was, and gave me a stylized singing telegram. Jon Shipley was amazing as my boss giving my friend Ethan a singing telegram lesson. And of course May Wilson.....what a girl.

Before the show I was stressed and crazy, afterwards I was scrambled egg brains. Things are beginning to slow. I am already planning my next big thing. How crazy am I? I am lucky I didn't die these last few months I was so busy. But here I am, getting my ducks in line for the next thing. Here I am, jogging past Carnegie Hall because I know it will be me up there someday. Here I am telling my damn assistant to plan on coming to Australia to the Sydney Opera House with me next year.

But before that, I think I need to chill out and perhaps go to the pool. That is, if I can get my ass out of bed first. Everyone deserves a rest, including myself. That being said, I think I can catch up on homework this weekend or something. And because my dance card is less full, I now have time to dedicate to some of my studies.

Oh the life of a creative person.

Happy 4th, people. 

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