Friday, December 30, 2011

(Almost) A Superstar

The other day I was delivering a singing chicken out in Rockaway Beach. As we all know that is quite the trek from Manhattan. First it is the A train. But then you have to transfer at Rockaway Avenue if you want to go to Rockaway Beach because the A train goes right to Lefferts and that is sort of the ‘hood.  Then you get off at Broad Channel. From there you have to take the S shuttle which runs when it wants to run and then you end up at your final destination.
I had my chicken costume and mylar balloons. It was windy as hell and no one was picking up the phone. The bag over my balloons blew off. Cursing myself for taking this chicken in the far reaches of hell I wondered what was I doing with myself? Sure I love doing the singing telegrams. But nights like this I wonder why I make the decisions I do. I tried the contact, no answer. There were cars in this driveway. But the lights were off. The temperate was starting to drop. I was going to lose my balloons and this delivery was going to be a disaster.
Finally the contact picked up. Yes! But they weren’t there yet.
I got to meet her and she was nice but sort of old school NY Italian type of gal. We talked for a few minutes and then she and her fiancé drove me around the corner to change. Apparently the telegram was from her aunt who was in Aruba at the time.
When I got to the house to do the telegram my recipient was one tough customer and it was a tough crowd. I told myself not to give up but these people were harder than a math test at MIT. Taking a deep breath I told myself the show must go on. Finally I asked him to cluck and the people started to warm up. Towards the end they got into it. And at the end the recipient gave me a big hug and told me I did a good job. I felt like beating myself up because usually I have them rolling in the aisles but again, these people were tough. Plus I was still thawing from being in the cold for so long.
The contact explained that her uncle, the recipient, was a nice guy but a tough customer and her whole family was. But they did in fact enjoy it and I got a nice tip. I took off my chicken mask and she looked at me. She asked, “How do I know you? Wait, I have seen your face before. You have been on TV.”
I nodded and said that I in fact had. I asked where she had seen me. She said, “You were that girl with the puppets from ‘My Strange Addiction.”
“Yes, and I even have one right here.” I informed her and then proceeded to pull out Officer E, my gay cop puppet.” That’s when I got him out and gave her a few seconds of material.
“You should have done that tonight. They would have loved that.”
“Eh, I wasn’t booked to do that but maybe I will next time.” I told her. Then I said I appreciated her telling me I was on TV with my children because I do not own a TV.
“Why don’t you own a TV?” She asked.
“Eh….I watch TV on internet.” I told her.
We laughed for a brief minute and then she said, “Well you should do the puppet thing. You should follow it. You have a real gift for that.” She said and then wished me a nice night.
As I rode home I was amazed she had recognized me. I had a fan and didn’t even know it. Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle with the politics of this industry and with every project I do I seemingly get no where. However this was a signal my dreams are starting to come true.
Today I carry this message and this star. And with this message and this star it doesnt make it as bad that someone I thought to be a friend dissed me in an ever public forum.
More or that later.
Happy New Year!
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Love April

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