Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mama Foxxx's Mail Bag

Dear Mama Foxxx
I am sixteen and have a girl named Melanie who calls herself a friend to my face. We hang out, go to the mall, and even talk on the phone as well as chat online. The other day I heard a rumor spread about how I was easy. I am an A student and don’t even date. The next thing I know everyone is giggling when they see me in the hall. I log onto facebook to find out someone has taken up an anonymous handle and posted mean things about me. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I heard it was Melanie. I didn’t want to believe it but then I overheard her talking in the bathroom about me. I don’t know what I did to this girl. But this all started when I made cheerleading and got the lead in the school play and she didn’t. I feel hurt. I like her as a person and figure if I talk to her we can be friends again. Please help. Signed, Mean Girl Victim
Dear Mean Girl Victim,
What you have is called a friendemy. She is a friend to your face and an enemy backstabber behind your back. The people who knife us the worst are never our sworn enemies in life but those we believe to be friends. Nothing is more true with women. There is no reasoning with someone like this either. They will stab you in the back and the next time they will throw you off the apple cart onto the road. And this all stems from the fact you have so much going for you, you are an A student, a cheerleader and the lead in the school play. I am jealous myself Miss Perfect. But remember you got these things because you worked for them. Replace Miss Melanie the Malicious with positive people who are proud of you for your achievements and won’t be jealous because they are doing good things with their time and energy. In the immortal words of Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are believe them.” Don’t acknowledge this woman ever. Don’t bad mouth her either because it will feed into her energy. The truth is, the world divides winners from losers. She is a loser, you are a winner. Hold your head up and keep up the good work. Love Mama Foxxx

Dear Mama Foxxx,
I am currently a high school boy and just broke up with a girl. It wasn’t because we didn’t like each other, it’s just because she wanted to spend all the time in the world with me and I play soccer, work, and want to maintain my status on the honor roll. She on the other hand wanted to skip school with me and wanted to move too fast. Anyway, I went online and found a facebook page dedicated to hating me and she is the moderator. She currently has thirty members on the page and they talk about how I am an awful person. These are nobodies and losers but it kills me because none of what they are saying is true. It made me sick to see it. I don’t want to be a wimp and tell on a girl. What should I do? Signed, Help! My Psycho Ex is Dissing Me

Dear Help! My Psycho Ex is Dissing Me,
You are not a wimp at all to tell on this woman. What she is doing is called cyberbullying. This is not only against common decency but against the law. You are not a celebrity, you are a private citizen and this is slander and libel! You need to report this page to facebook pronto and have it taken down. You also need to take a print out of the page to the school because schools are not only interested in what their students are doing on the computer but if they are breaking the law, especially if it is on the computer during school time. Plus cyberbullying is on the beginning of worse things like vandalism. And if things like that occur please go to the police. It sounds like this chick has issues that need serious meds and you were wise to run son or else your willy would be in the middle of the woods and the cops might have to go looking for it as McCray Cray holds the butcher knife. Lastly, don’t let these fools get to you. I had an ex do the same thing to me and yes it did hurt. But as you said they were nobodies and in the immortal words of my late friend Roger Ferrer, “A nobody trying to be somebody is the worst kind of nobody there is.” Take care my little poppyseed. Love Mama Foxxx

Dear Mama Foxxx,
I am a transgendered woman who saw your show a few weeks ago. I want to show some gratitude that you have given people like myself a voice by having trans people on your show. Because I am transgendered, I have been hit, kicked, punched and otherwise bullied. I have been called named like homo, faggot, and queer. I am starting a group online so that people like yourself as well as gays and lesbian celebs and those who support us like yourself can come and show support. I just want to say thank you for giving someone like myself a voice and thank you for your support.  Signed, A. Fan
Dear A. Fan,
Thank you for your very sweet letter, it made my day. I believe in giving everyone a chance to use their voice no matter who they are. I am sorry that you were kicked, punched, and called nasty names. Reading that not only broke my heart but brought tears to my eyes. I am an activist against bullying of any kind and no one, absolutely no one, deserves to be bullied for any reason. I not only thank you for writing me but for having the courage to be yourself in a world that unfortunately can more often than not be closed minded and unwelcoming. However, it does get better. Keep on keeping on and keep your head up. I also encourage you to broadcast as a part of my show. Your voice needs to be heard my little poppyseed. Love Mama Foxxx
Update: A fan wrote me back and informed me the men that used to diss her now want to date her. That means one thing for sure, she is hawt!

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