Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear Hillary Adams, Get Over It

I just saw the Hillary Adams video and everyone is crying the blues about this poor little abused cerebal palsy kid. They feel badly for her and want to make her the martyr for abused children. Okay, fine and dandy. The liberals and conservatives both want a poster child. Unfortunately, they always pick someone who isn’t the most pure and comes forward for the worst of reasons. In the 1990s the Republics, especially Ken Starr and his lack of evidence case against Clinton, had Paula Jones as the poster girl for the wrongly sexually harassed. Well Paula turned out to be a piece of self interested trash. This so called good girl daughter of a Nazarene Preacher man divorced her husband soon after the hearings, got breast implants, a nose job and posed for Hustler. Sexually harassed my ass. Odds are she was probably dolling ass out to that entire office and then when her horny boss married to helmet haired lady wanted a piece she cried wolf.
Now that spokes person with an ulterior motive is Hillary Adams. Yes I saw the video. Everyone is claiming it was horrible and it was child abuse. Apparently she has cerebral palsy. If she does I’m sorry. However what I saw wasn’t child abuse in the least. I saw a very spoiled, self centered little girl who was angry at daddy and was siding with mommy in what was probably an ugly divorce. And now both mommy and Gimpy Childs were conspiring to take daddy down. Everyone says she didn’t have motive and Hillary the lying little crippled snake claims she just “wants her father to get help.” Well Hillary, then why didn’t you tell him this? And she says he was harassing her. If that was the case Hillary you should have put him through the system. That is the best way to let a family member know you mean business. Instead she blackmails him with this video and when she doesn’t get her way she goes to the internet and posts it. Now she is Little Miss Child Abuse Victim.
Gag me
Truth is, I grew up in an area where we all got beat. It was not uncommon for kids to get beaten when they were bad. The switch, the belt, and fetching the branch in the backyard were common methods of parental discipline for misbehaving children. While grounding and loss of privileges was involved sometimes, beating seemed the swifter way. The philosophy where I grew up was when you grounded a child eventually you got sick of them being in the house with loss of privileges and you would alleviate the sentence because you got sick of them. So beating them was the swifter way. Not only did the child get the message but they never did it again and weren’t sitting around the house like a stoolie.
Yes I got beat. When my dad said, “Do that again or your ass is grass” he meant it. My father was not being abusive in the least. He was trying to teach us right from wrong and to be better people. For example, one day I drew on the desk at school and talked back to my teacher. My teacher, who was on her last nerve with me, put me in Time Out. Then I escaped from Time Out. Needless to say she called my parents. That’s when I met the stick. Did the stick hurt? Oh yes. But at the same time I was a child who was running her mouth and refusing to listen to authority. After that beating I was much better behaved in school. To think, my parents didn’t even have to ground me or give me a time out.
Same thing happened when I mouthed off to the elderly woman who used to babysit me. Both my parents were working and she was watching me. Over a defiant stretch of days I mouthed off and refused to do my spelling words. My dad found out about my unacceptable behavior and I had a meeting with the stick. Needless to say I suddenly became very respectful of my elderly babysitter and did my spelling words without even arguing. Kids need to know that there are consequences.
Believe it or not bleeding heart liberals and psychologists who I believe practice the science of evil would say that was child abuse. I do not feel I was abused. I feel I was rightfully disciplined. Thank God for that because I know right from wrong. When I tell these same bleeding heart whap nuts that this was the way in my area they tell me it doesn’t make it right. Maybe it doesn’t but that’s the way it was. Just as in some parts of the world they still marry at thirteen. In other parts of the world the women have to leave their houses covered or else stones are thrown at them. In some parts of the South Pacific they still eat the brains of dead loved ones as a form of ancestor worship. There are organizations that defend this behavior. Child brides is a form of child abuse, especially since some are married off for money. The Middle East, well that one is obvious. But dead ancestor cannibalism is not only disgusting but also causes other neurological dysfunctions. However we defend that as part of their culture but in some parts of the country where it is the norm to be disciplined with a belt or strap that is “abuse.”
The thing that bothers me most about this is that she wants her father to get help. No, Hillary, you wanted to publically humiliate your father. Now there is no chance for reconciliation you little brat. And from what I saw frankly she deserved what she was getting. Not only is she a manipulative plotter but also if she weren’t so defiant the beating would not have been so bad. First and foremost, she did something she knew she shouldn’t have been doing and like the entitled brat she was didn’t want to face the consequences of her actions. Okay, maybe he should have laid off a little because she has the palsy. But in all fairness, it seemed like this was the end of a long chain of events with a child who was defiant and hard to discipline. While it looks bad we don’t know the whole story. Then again, when someone puts something on the internet and the liberal media chose to have a scapegoat we all want to believe them especially when they walk with a limp.
There is also the mumbo jumbo liberal argument that if you beat a child you make it angry and violent. This is true in some cases but not in others. A number of years ago I mentored a young man who was adopted by two people trying to save their marriage as a baby. Well baby didn’t help. Instead they got divorced and in the nasty divorce they used the kid as leverage giving him rights to do whatever he wanted and making it a contest to see who could spoil him more. In the end he was a drug addict who by the time he was nineteen was in and out of jail and rehab more times than Robert Downey Jr. and not to mention worked as a gay prostitute and put his mother $70,000 in debt. That kid wasn’t even hit. Frankly I think a beating would have benefitted him.
In writing this I know I will get some heat. I just want to say I don’t condone child abuse. What I mean is true child abuse. There are parents who beat their children with lead pipes telling them they wish they never had them. These are children chained to washers and dryers who might be eight years old but are a mere thirty pounds. These are children who are made to sleep in their own feces because a frustrated parent decides they are the enemy. These are children who are stuck in the oven by troubled and resentful parents. These are children who are beaten to death. There are real cases of these things happening. Hillary Adams was none of these things. As a matter of fact she was a far cry and a cry baby.
Because of Little Miss Cripple’s wheeling and dealing she will get a book deal and everyone will feel sorry for Gimpy McPhee. Unfortunately, in the world we live in the rights of the parents are steadily disappearing as what was once a common form of discipline is now “child abuse.” It used to be spare the rod spoil the child now it’s use the rod lose your kid. Now kids can report their parents if they are being disciplined in a way that they don’t like. As a result we are raising a generation of ungrateful brats who think that they can speak to parents in any way that they please. I hear it all the time and think, “If I ever spoke to my mother in such a disrespectful manner I would have been hit in the mouth.” Unfortunately, this woman can’t hit her disrespectful child in the mouth because Child Protective Services will take her away overshadowing all the true cases of abuse and neglect.
It is easy to make Judge Adams the villain. When one becomes a parent there is no handbook. Odds are Judge Adam received the belt himself and we do the best we can with what we have and know. What we don’t know is the whole story. I disagreed passionately with Ann Hirsch on and respect her greatly as a person. She said while her parents were more the grounding type she knew there were consequences. Consequences are the key word. In an era where child psychologists pollute the minds of parents that word has disappeared and each generation gets worse and worse as a result. Call me an old woman but I can see it happening.
As for my parents, I love them. My dad disciplined me and I don’t think “he needs help.” Instead he made me a better person who not only obeys the laws of the land but knows right from wrong. I am self supporting, pay my bills on time, and respect others. He didn’t spare the rod and as a result I am far from being spoiled. As for Hillary Adams, she has alienated her father in her self seeking quest for revenge. I hope she gets her book deal and has a nice life. She has helped further take away the rights of parents to be parents. I hope she makes a lot of money on her book too.
In the end she is just a spoiled, self centered, self seeking ungrateful bitch who can only gimp. Limp over it Hillary Adams. Love April
PS. I know I will get shit. But it is my First Amendment Right. As an activist I defend the rights of the truly abused children, those with HIV, and victims of violent crimes. I am also for giving a second chance to drug addicts and ex-cons who want to better themselves. Swallow that before you call me redneck
PPS. Even if you are a dissenter, I welcome your opinion

"Decrying my "rough" childhood and blaming my issues on daddy with my designer glasses. Hey, when you walk with a limp you can be as wicked as you wanna be."

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