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David Duke, Stormfront, and Other Things Explained

The other day I found myself explaining David Duke to my housemates. Yes, the former KKK leader and ex-Louisiana Congressman who endorsed Trump. While Duke was vocal about not liking Trump’s stand on Israel, Duke got right behind the Donald. Yes, the Donald who says he is not a career politician but is parsing and double speaking just like the rest of them. Donald.

David Duke is an interesting man. He does not like it when you introduce him as an ex Grand Wizard of the KKK although he was. Our pal David seemed to forget his slogan was that he “wanted to bring the KKK into the boardroom.”
In front of the symbol of white European heritage aka missing teeth and trailer livin

Despite the efforts of others, David Duke was elected as a one term Congressmen in Louisiana as I explained. During his time in office he continued to sell white power literature. While in college, he was known to prance around in a Nazi uniform. Just the kind of balanced individual you want representing your district.
Years ago, Scott Walker, another nauseating piece of breathing fecal matter, tried to block David Duke from running for office for moral reasons. Walker wants to consider a fetus a person under the law, and wants to have abortion fall under the pretense of murder, and wants all women seeking abortion to be prosecuted for murder. Charming man, especially since he’s not footing the bill to raise the child and thus creates a welfare state by being the morality police.
Duke fired back at Walker for trying to ban him from running cutting him off at his knees, explaining that he should be on the ballot like any other candidate and it shouldn’t be one set of rules for him and another for someone else because of his past. Walker likened him to Jeffrey Dahmer. Duke decimated him some more. The callers agreed. Put Duke on the ballot. Let the people decide if he sinks or swims. While I am not a fan of Duke, I wish Scott Walker would just walk into the sunset and vanish forever.
Walker: Moral Ranger

The funny thing about elections is the numbers will speak for themselves. Somewhere, some idiot who’s missing his teeth and can barely read will vote for him. The educated will vote for their person. We are seeing it right now with Donald Trump.
The Duke is actually a smart guy. When he speaks about both the Revolutionary War and Civil War, as an eternal student of history I am impressed by his knowledge and grasp on the cold, hard facts. However, seconds later he ruins himself by ranting about how the media is controlled by the Jewish conspiracy and the Zionist empire. How the Jews control everything. And how the Jewish problem must be contained and stopped, and of course we cannot forget his bit about how the Holocaust is just another Jewish conspiracy. Then he rants about how he is a white right’s activist campaigning for the rights of European Americans everywhere. Face to palm….it all goes down hill from there.
Dr. Duke is kind of a colorful character. Yes, he has a PhD in history but that is sort of questionable. The institution he got it from in the Ukraine is one that notoriously houses Holocaust denier academics like himself. Colloquially known as The Institute of Hate, it is notorious for it’s Anti-Semetic bend. It’s accredation was yanked back in 2006, but apparently they gave David Duke a degree one can wipe their ass with.
Perhaps a candid shot from the cave where he's David Duke!

Dr. Duke was living in the US, but then defrauded his followers by telling them he was broke and swindled them out of money. Then he decided he didn’t have to pay taxes. Both times he swore it was the government and the Jewish media out to get him for speaking the truth. If that isn’t seeing your role in the circumstances in your life I don’t know what is. So perhaps we should call him Dr. Dick, because in all actuality the PhD in history is not technically even real.
Because he is a convicted felon and an objectionable human being complete with Holocaust denying, another tool of the apparent Jewish media, he has lived in several different places over the years and each and every time has found himself deported. First it was Austria, but then he denied the Holocaust which is illegal there so they deported him. Then he went to Italy where he was deported as well. For a time he was in The Czech Republic where he was deported as swiftly as he came. Last we checked he was in some undisclosed locale in a cold, barren part of Eastern Europe, possibly because most people do want to kill him. He says he lives in the US but no one knows for sure. Either way, he broadcasts a webshow out of this location, and fights with people on it about topics.
David Duke skypes into shows from this undisclosed cave, and for the most part they make fun of him. But what do you want? The man lives in a cave. Don’t ever expect rational behavior from anyone living in a cave.
Recently, The Duke endorsed Donald Trump. The ex-dominator of the dumb, often on youtube his followers will explain, “You cannot Juke the Duke.” And now Donald Trump has taken the crown and David Duke has had to give it the okay. I get it.
He can't be the face of white hate.....he's orange as a pumpkin

The whole Duke Family unit is a little unique to say the least. His former wife, Chloe Hardin, now Chloe Black, is active in the movement as well. She met her first husband in a white student group, because that is a healthy place to meet men, probably on par with AA, but oops, there might be black men in AA so nevermind. They were married for ten years and had two daughters. However, David’s gambling problem broke that marriage up. Chloe kept the two kids, he left.
Of course one must also know that Ms. Chloe was sluttin it up white power style. She slept with several other white power neo-Nazi types before landing on her ex’s best friend Don Black. Ordinarily that is a no no, but in this family they believe in sharing their fried chicken and sharing their women white trash…..I mean white power style.
David Duke with Chloe Hardin, the babe of the white power movement

Don Black operates Stormfront, a white supremacist website. Apparently it is a safe place for European Americans to express their discomfort at racial mixing, interracial dating, and the immigration issues. Boy do they hate Obama. Often on Stormfront, young people who probably need to join an after school club or sports organization, are dismayed at how people freely mix let alone date outside their race. They feel the white race is dying. No comment. And of course it’s the Jews conspiring against them…..and if that line isn’t so 1938 I don’t know what is.
Don Black, on the internet all day in his trailer writing nasty things. If the man had a job, he wouldn't have time to be causing so much trouble on the internet......

One young man wrote: The Jews at my school are plotting against me. They talk about me behind their back at their meeting. They were even taking photos of me.
If that isn’t well adjusted I don’t know what is.
Another promising scholar wrote: ‘My mother took my copy of Mein Kampf and wants me to see a therapist. She thinks I am having ‘issues.’ The only issue I have is going to therapy because it was invented by Jews.”
As the hits keep rolling in, perhaps the best one is, “How do I come out to my parents as a white, nationalist skinhead? Any ideas?”
I told my mom this one. She told me to write in suggesting the kid tell his parents he was gay. Then him being a white, nationalist skinhead would be no biggie, right?
Despite the fact they dipped their magic sticks in the same white power slut, Don Black still tolerates his best buddy David Duke posting on his forum and even commenting. Don Black adores Duke as a preacher of the movement and an activist for the rights of all European Americans. David and Don have a very weird relationship to say the least. Most current husband’s don’t want the last man their wife laid with around. But again, a family that sleeps together stays together……kindof.
To put the more fun in this dysfunctional brood, Don Black has been out of work for years. Despite his complaints that minorities and immigrants collect welfare, Don Black has been enjoying the best that the state of Florida has to offer in the area of benefits for the indigent. To top it off, Mr. Black hates Obama, but at the moment might be receiving Obamacare. Like everyone who lives in a trailer that hangs a Confederate flag in the front, Mr. Black seems to vote against his own interests.
Since money is tight and white power does not pay the power bill, Chloe Black has taken a job as an assistant to sugar baron Pepe Fanjul. One of her projects is as a spokewoman for Glades Academy, an institution to help poor children of minority migrant workers out of poverty and into the classroom. Translated, she is using these children as a pawn to help her white hate empire because her lazy bigot husband can’t get a real job. Charming.
As if this family isn’t complicated enough, Don Black’s son Derek has been pimped out on the white power circuit since he has been a wee lad. As a teen, he even had a white power radio show, because why not? However, since going to college, Derek has denounced the white power movement. Don Black, while not formally disowning his son, whines that he has lost a fellow warrior. Others on Stormfront have verbally crucified this young man for finding the brain he never knew he had. And then they all are at crisis about what happened to this young man and why he went rogue.
Young Derek, the only one with his shit together

Personally, I think Derek got out of the trailer park in the back woods and got a glimpse of the world. Not only did he learn that his views were archaic and reprehensible, but they were also completely and utterly bullshit. Then Derek, bless his little heart, discovered that his parents had lied about everything, and that is when the true breakthrough began.
Derek saw people of all races living peacefully and working together. He saw interracial relationships that worked. Derek probably also made friends with black kids, and he probably made friends with Jewish kids who knew nothing about this conspiracy. As Derek discovered the immigrants, minorities and Jews were not working to keep him and other European Americans down, this is when the breakthrough began. And perhaps he discovered he even liked black women, and not in that Thomas Jefferson, Sally Hemmings kind of way.
Now Derek seems to be the functional success story of this family that has a lot to figure out. He is not living in a cave which is a good start. He is not living in a trailer, which while better than a cave is not that much better. He isn’t collecting welfare while hating the government that is giving it to him. He isn’t a hypocrite making excuses. He isn’t using minority children to fund his hate. Derek is doing alright. He is running free and running out. We have all had to overcome adversity of some kind, but him probably more than a lot of people.

Maybe they need a session on Dr. Phil.......but then again, therapy was invented by the Jews, right? Sigh McSigh Sigh.........(Wowsa!)

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