Sunday, March 6, 2016

Pepperoni Pizza

Today I shot some videos and hung out with my friends. It's been forever since I have done both really. You see, through all the drama I have been through friends kinda hit the back burner. Plus getting acclimated to my new neighborhood has taken time. Plus there were some people I seriously cut out of my life......and with good reason.

These two are long time friends though. Yes, the witch and the magister in The Church of Satan, Don and Hedda. He does all my video work and she helps. We usually end up hanging out and shooting the breeze about mutual friends and people we don't like. And then another friend of mine, Paola, helped with the video and she bonded with Hedda. So thus we ended up hanging out long after the video was done and eating pizza.

Pepperoni pizza to be exact.

It has been forever and a day since I had a good pepperoni pizza. There was a dollar pizza place by my old apartment, but the pizza tasted like Midtown; stale, worn, and beaten to hell.

This pizza was good let me tell you. I mean, actually it was great. Melted in my mouth. Plus my insulin was low from making the videos so it brought me right back up. Before the pizza was there, I was starting to feel sleepy. I began to close my eyes and Hedda said I was getting sleepy. Don of course thought this was funny as did Paola. So I told them no drawing a penis on my face. Hedda told me she would never do that.......she couldn't find her sharpie.

Paola, Hedda, and I bonded over girl time as Don was forced to wait on us hand and foot. He was a good sport about the entire thing, getting us pizzas and sodas as we watched reruns of The Walking Dead. We love zombies.

Either way, it made me realize for as different and flipped out as my friends are, they are awesome. Don and Hedda sacrificed their whole day to help me make my videos. Not to mention they didn't kick us all out after several hours of BS talk.(Lest we forget Don was very kind in getting us pizza and soda as the women took over). Plus they are awesome to laugh with as they are real. Don and Hedda are so talented and so in love. When people say an open relationship doesn't work, I point them to Don and Hedda. When people decry Satanists as evil, I point them out to Don and Hedda, two of the most ethical people I know.

The train ride home with Paola was awesome. We both have a lot in common. We made the mistake of dating dickfaces in the past, but now want to focus on ourselves and on our dreams. We both agree that we don't care if we have a husband or children, we can live without that. What we can't live without is not going where we want to go with our careers, and not living out our dreams.

My mom always said if I looked hard enough I would find friends like myself, just to be patient. For a long time I searched, and so many of my female friends let a man come between us. Or they left the industry for a man. Or they didnt want to work as hard as I did. Paola wants to work as hard as I do, and I think she might actually work harder.

I have known since I was a youngster it was a possibility I wouldnt marry or have children. I have come close several times but no go. Even the last few relationships I have been in, I have always desired my freedom and to fly alone in pursuit of my dreams. It's nothing personal, I just know it's the fabric that I am cut from.

That being said, that pizza was damn good. I have been sick for several days and desperately needed that solid food. My friends somehow sensed that. My friends somehow put up with me. My friends are awesome, and it's too bad I went too long without seeing them and instead hung out with people who sucked worse than a ten cent whore with one tooth.

Now time for bed.


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