Friday, March 4, 2016

10 Times You've Lost Your Ability to Give Anyone Advice Ever

In life there are people who inspire. There are people we admire. And then there are people who need to stop talking forever and ever. The following examples are some such individuals who have lost their license to give any advice at any time. Although there is no law on the books prohibiting them, there should be. I know, April Brucker for President.

1. You have the names of your kids tattooed on your arm. Way to let the world know you don't pay child support.

2. You have the serenity prayer tattooed on your arm. Yes, you are still a head filled with incredibly bad decisions. Instead of the help of a crack pipe, now you have the help of a mind control cult and your Higher Power.....Go Fish!

3. You are saying that all those who live in trailer parks aren't all trash, simply because there are high end trailer parks. And you even applied to one but got rejected. There is no comeback to this anywhere, and your tongue should be cut out for making such an idiotic statement.

4. You are voting for Donald J. Trump in earnest. I used the word earnest just to confuse you.

5. You are insisting that Hooters is a family establishment.

6. You describe the kid you had as a teenager as "putting a damper on the modeling career I endeared." (It's bad enough you chose not to use protection, but now you are misusing the word endeared. There is a clear level of hell for the stupid of your phylum).

7. You take those facebook quizzes seriously. It's time to tell you Santa doesn't exist. Sorry.

8. You keep pestering your friends to play Candy Crush. You are the most hated person on the planet.

9. You deny the Holocaust and have no evidence to back yourself up other than it's a conspiracy. And then you say the Jews invented therapy. I think you need therapy and mind control drugs. They could do wonders making you into the drooling vegetable we all know you are better off as.

10. You let your kids have long, drawn out tantrums in public. We hate them just like you do. But we hate you even more. 

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