Sunday, February 26, 2012


I have been working a lot lately which is a good thing, but still I am exhausted. Monday I worked all day on my book, and then had PR work to do on the webseries I am a part of. Tuesday I delivered a telegram and did more work on my book. Wednesday I had a delivery first thing in the morning, marketed my book some more, and then kickboxed that night. Thursday I had a delivery where there was a misunderstanding over the costume (long story) and then I had Derek Boik’s show that night. In between all of that I found out that my loyal little UK fan boys hi-jacked a webcast sponsored by Playboy and demanded to know whether the on air jockeys knew me.

Derek’s show was actually a lot of fun. I got to see old friends and meet new ones. The World’s Tiniest Standup Show lives up to it’s name, and some people had remembered seeing me on TV which was sort of cool. I also had a comedic breakthrough. I told some stories with May about our life as a ventriloquist duo and the people ate them up. They weren’t our usual filth, but rather intelligent comedy. Plus they were quick. Then I stayed afterwards and did the open mic. The show was a lot of fun and I had a good set. Plus I got to put a new story on it’s feet.

Afterwards I had an encounter with an old friend on the street, threatened to slap a guy who tried to grab me, and then hailed a cab. My cab driver was a good dude, Saleem, and has now become my personal driver. I suppose this Rainy Day Woman is moving up in the world.

Friday turned out to be especially busy. I had a Marilyn Monroe with a company I sometimes work with. They are good people but sometimes they book, sometimes they don’t. Well they booked and I went to Greenwich, CT. Then my boss for my primary company booked me in a birthday cake show girl on the Lower East Side. In between that I had even more work on my book, plus talking some more to the producers of the TV project we are trying to pitch.

In between that I saw my old dance teacher Madeline from college. She had been a former Rockette and all around awesome lady. She asked me if I was still doing puppets. I told her yes and that I had been working a lot and that I was oh so tired. She told me not to complain about working ever, which set me straight. Still, by the time Friday ended my bones hurt from the cold and just running around.

Then last night I did a private event where despite my trepidation it went well. You see, my contact didn’t return any of my phone calls. When I got there turned out she quit! Needless to say the people at Sinapi’s Ceola Manner were good people and I took photos with a lot of the patrons at Carnivale. My friend Amazing Amy was on the lineup too and she and her Indian Yoga rocked. The trip out there wasn’t bad, but because of the way Westchester is laid out everything is so far away. I did an hour strolling and while the people were cool, there weren’t that many coming in and out and that is the secret with a strolling act. An hour seemed short, but the way the night worked after eight Amy and the bellydancer had the floor. So from 7-8 I did my thing, and then off I went.

Amy was a good travelling companion. We laughed all the way home and I forgot that I was so tired that if I stayed still too long I would fall asleep. Well I did as soon as I got into my house though.

As of now my place is a mess. There are so many things I need to be doing but am not. I am beat. Last week was a doozy too. In between Valentine’s Day, special events, shooting a music video, and everything else in between I feel as if I am going to pass out. But I have been doing open mics too. Not because I pay for stage time, no. It’s because of all the hard work I did this past year and getting my ass on television I am getting better stage time so I want to be sharp. Oh and then there are my live shows. And then there is the TV project I am helping to pitch.

The terrible thing about me when I get tired is I start yelling at people. But unfortunately sometimes, the louder you yell the less you are heard. I am just tired. But the good thing is, rent is all about paid

Either way, church today and an Oscar Party tonight.

This Wednesday, February 29 @ 7, come see me at Eastville.



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