Saturday, February 18, 2012

Open Mics

Lately I have been hitting the open mics. I havent really done so in about a year really because I have been busy being a reality star, cyber jockey/semi-internet celebrity, semi-youtube star, and being a recording artist. I had thought that all the doors of the standup clubs would open for me after all the exposure I got but it didn’t work out that way. In a way I was glad because I had gotten burnt out from standup. Before the reality show I was in the clubs every night or in some dingy basement trying to hone my craft. Then on the weekend I was travelling somewhere. I was just burnt out from the politics.

Now here I am a year later. My position as a cyber jockey is no longer. As a result of my time though I have a loyal bunch of followers who never cease to amaze me with their charm and wit as well as love and support. I am making youtube videos here and there, but will probably never be a youtube celeb. As for the music, still doing that. But the thing is, I missed being onstage. So this past week I went back to the mics.

Monday I went to one mic where I dreaded going because I abhor paying for stage time. Being almost a big ticket item, it seems like the newbies and their amateur dick jokes would be a waste of my time. However, I figured I know where I have been, why not? So I went and the host was this adorable little gay boy. I absolutely had a blast onstage. I just riffed off the top of my head. And after I left I couldn’t wait to get up again.

Tuesday and Wednesday I worked all day and then went to see a friend’s performance. Wednesday night was a solo open mic. I got up and without caring whether or not anyone recognized me or if I would kill or die I told a story. And I had a blast. The story needs work but I put it on it’s feet. That’s all that counts.

Thursday I went back to another mic and got a compliment from a club owner who I had never spoken to. While he has still not offered to give me prime time spots, oh well. It was new stuff. I didn’t care. It was fun.

Friday I went to Parkside and chilled with my boy Cooper Rego and company after his mic. We watched Jeremy Lin after doing what we did and caught up. It had been years since I had seen Coop so it was all good. If anything, Friday made me remember that I was a part of, not a part from, the community.

Yes I am back to paying for stage time. While that sucks, I like being onstage. The club bookings are coming in and I would like that to continue, therefore I have to be sharp. Plus I know where I have been and shortly I will be there again. This time better than ever.

Until then the ego has landed for it’s yearly reduction



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