Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just Checkin In

Hi folks, sorry it’s been a few days. I know I have had a bad attitude and I am sorry. The spring was kind of crazy and rough but it’s coming to an end. A bunch of career things that should have happened just didn’t. But things are starting to look up.
For one, “Stay” has been number one for two weeks in a row on FJS’s Indie 5 at 5 countdown. I am so thrilled I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am. As a matter of fact I splurged and got a mani/pedi as well as a new dress. All were pretty cheap, but it was a way of rewarding myself. So far the song is on three radio stations and is possibly being spun on the Ed Tyll show on FM. I don’t know what is next for this but God is sort of taking the wheel. I don’t mind when God takes the wheel, it means I have to drive less and I already drive like Ray Charles.
Actually, Ray Charles is a better driver being both blind and dead.
I am getting ready to record a country song and to make a video going with it. I wrote two and don’t know which one to go with. But the video will have puppets and will be massively entertaining.
The book is one huge step closer to being published. I just have to find a publishing house. So far I am talking to three. The one I have totally ruled out because the woman I talked to said, “I am just a sales person. I work with authors but have no background in writing. I don’t need one.” Then she proceeded to double speak me and try to dupe me into her service. You need to know how to write and appreciate literature as long as you are going to work with people who make their flesh and blood off the written word.
Just saying?
Then again, there are two publishing houses I really like. The one published a book of a comedienne I really admire and one that my dad is a huge fan of. The other is someone who has been in the publishing biz for sometime. I really liked them both. Neither took my stupidity so personally.
Anyway, got to run. Today I make my video. I record my song later this week it looks like. Plotting to make music video perhaps next weekend or the weekend after. It will be awesome I promise.

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