Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chef looks a little distressed because she almost burnt the house down before this photo was taken

Ruby Chappeau interrupted her Bible Study on the Delta to take this photo

I guess it is time for the coming of Ali Baba

This is what all female ventriloquists and comedians should look like in the morning. Actually, this was an action shot. I was auditioning for a film. I had only one line. It was, "Daddy." Apprently I didnt say it like I meant it and lost the job to someone named Brittany Andrews

Old school photo of me. I look young, depressed, and angsty. I also think May Wilson had stolen my boyfriend.....tramp

Nando, my gay husband, loves me when I am a la naturale. Though we will never compulate sleeping in the same bed, as a male I still need his validation
I think I listened long and hard to Ani DiFranco before this photo was taken

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