Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Throwing shade

May and I before our Entertainment Tonight appearance.
Nelson Whitting, May and myself. Oh and a random dude. Nelson and his wife Carrie came to town just to meet us!

Derek, May and I. Again, May gets accosted by a fan on the set of Death of a Dummy and gives me no credit. As if....

From L to Right: Esmerelda Gnush, Moi, May Wilson, Sonny Jones, Ruby Chappeau, Officer E, Joe Lance of Mexico's Top Model xo
May Wilson poses for the ad she misleads men with on craigslist. But as I explained on TLC, this is a family where everyone pays rent

Officer E arresting a woman for not doing her roots. Gay cops, got to watch them

Lady Gaga dressed me that day

Me and a pink gorilla gram recipient. I was quite the surprise

Sonny and Officer E educate women about education and self esteem. As a result, the women learned that men just want sex but a good gay friend will always take you shopping

May has passed out after a long day of shopping and Sweetie Pie Kincaid, age 5, realized all role models are not so positive

Hey bitches, take this shade

For all my gay boys

Chilling at the Stonewall with some friends. Question, what do you call two lesbians in a wine cellar: Liquor!!!!!

For all my straight boys xoxoxo

The Today Show. Since that time May hasnt stopped bragging about what a diva she is. I should let the bitch go solo I swear.