Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reinventing April Brucker

Lately it seems like all my gays have been finding love. My roommate has a rich would be boyfriend who has just purchased a villa in Portugal. Hook me up on that program. Then there is my hairdresser friend who has been through hell and back with men. An ex escort, he has found love in the arms of a barber. It seems everyone around me is finding their soul mate.
I have been thinking about my life for the past few years and all the losers I dated. While they were losers who all were not worth the ground I walked on or the air I breathed, I still liked them nonetheless. Some of it was them not wanting to work and wanting to do all the drugs in the world. Some of it was me wanting them because they were bad. A lot of it was me settling because I didn’t think I could do any better. As a result I have a collection of degenerates that would make any mother weep with shame. I won’t list them because why bother? There are too many to count. But one does include an escaped convict.
So today I thought about it and I decided it is time to reinvent April. It is time for me to stop dating losers. I know I have said this before but lately I have been thinking that if I don’t change the dating of the losers I will always be alone. I don’t want to be alone forever. I mean granted, does anyone? Still I just don’t want to be alone and forced to be with some deadbeat. I don’t want to settle anymore.
Yes I dated certain guys in a certain phase of my life but I am out of that phase in my life. Now I want someone nice. I don’t want any of these losers who just want a meal ticket or a place to stay. Hate to say it, but they have no place in my life anymore. A drug problem isn’t attractive either and to tell you the truth, a prison record is starting to revolt me. I have dated some of the worst guys too. I thought I was hot at the time and a bragging right. However when your boyfriends all start to play connect the dots with their track marks and sort of know each other from being arrested around the same time you have to start to think, it wasn’t just them in this equation of disaster.
This phase of my life has been better than the last. Before visiting my family for my most wonderful birthday yet I went to the penthouse party of Sir Ivan. In case you don’t know him he is a musician by the name of the Peaceman and his castle in the Hamptons has been featured on VH1 a million times over. Not to mention I have been busy working and earning money as a performer, writer and artist. All and all, life is good. Tomorrow I go and film a segment for Discovery Health Network. Things are good.
Now I need a guy who is worth my talent and time to share them with. I don’t know how I will do it but I will. I have a new set of dresser drawers. I am moving up in the world.


  1. Hi April,

    Most of what you have experienced is what is called life. There are good times and bad times, there are ups and downs. Glad to hear that you are busy and working hopefully in the field that you want/wanted. You are very talented and gifted. When Mr. Right comes along you will know it---DON'T RUSH LIFE---ENJOY IT!!

    NY Dad

  2. Thanks, how have you been? I was on Staten Island the other day filming. What is your number? Got a new phone and dont have anyone's it seems :(